Working in Dubai – A Guide for Job Seekers

Folks from all around the world flock to the UAE assured of securing a job and creating a better future for themselves. However, it’s not always an instant or easy process. Job seekers who arrived at Dubai should anticipate spending several weeks seeking employment. Employers often receive hundreds of applications for a single opening and competition is tough. Networking could be vital and connecting with others in exactly the same industry through sites such as could be invaluable.

For those looking for employment in Dubai, some excellent online resources include:



Additionally, there are several recruitment agencies with good reputations available to aid job hunters within their search for employment. These include:

  • Claredon Parker
  • Kershaw Leonard
  • BAC
  • Michael Page
  • Manpower Middle East


To avoid scams, it is always advisable to accomplish some research into a recruiter’s reputation and methods before using their services. Any agency that need a registration fee should really be avoided.

Once a person is officially hired, a contract is likely to be signed with the employer. Contracts can either be limited or unlimited. A limited contract is placed for an absolute time frame that ought to not exceed four years. Renewal is not guaranteed. If either party breaks a restricted contract early, he or she may incur penalties. An unlimited contract is renewable. Following the probationary period (typically 3 to 6 months) an unlimited contract may be terminated by either party provided that there is great reason and 30 days notice is given. Employment may be terminated during the probationary period without notice or compensation. A fundamental contract includes salary, job title, start-date and any allowances (if offered) including medical cover, transportation, housing, repatriation coverage, and vacation time. Labor contracts should be in both Arabic and English. While Arabic is the official language of the UAE, an English contract is included for the expatriate workforce who might not understand Arabic. For those employed in a Free Zone the principles may differ.

The employer will act as the employee’s sponsor. Employment visas are valid for 2 to 3 years. The work week is usually 40 to 48 hours and overtime is common in certain industries. During Ramadan (the Muslim holy month of fasting) the work day is shortened to six hours by law.

Finding employment in Dubai could be frustrating and a challenge. But with networking, determination and hard work, job seekers may be able to secure their dream job.

Ahmed Juma is the dog owner of Emirates-Ads, a free classifieds site with listings of job vacancies in Dubai.

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